Working on putting together a major corporate event is not an easy task for anyone, and that’s why everyone needs a little help once in a while. Choosing a reputable company to help make your corporate event memorable is a key point to ensuring that everything in your party planning runs smoothly. This is why SB Wine Tours is proud to say that we are more than happy to help cater to larger events, including corporate sponsored events. 

In the past, we have been applauded by our clients for our excellent company-wide Santa Barbara wine tours. Using multiple buses to transport employees, we have been able to arrange some of the most elegant tours featuring wine tasting Santa Barbara has ever seen. In fact, both customers and employees have called us after events simply thanking us for the excellent service, the great planning, and the overall amazing experiences they’ve had. That’s what makes us the best in the area for wine tasting and party bus rentals.

It’s important to remind customers that wine isn’t all that we do. Though we are definitely well-known for our wine tours, as well as our ability to cater to the connoisseur in everyone, SB Wine Tours is flexible when it comes to scheduling and providing top of the line party buses for rent. In other words, you don’t need to have alcohol be part of your corporate event if you don’t want it to be. We are just as happy to provide upscale yet cheap party bus rentals, reliable transportation throughout the Santa Barbara area, and professional customer service for your events.

When you choose to work with SB Wine Tours for your corporate event, you can expect us to work with you to create a very memorable event, and you can also expect us to accommodate all of your guests with the care and elegant style that your company deserves. Whether you want to arrange an extensive tour of the biggest wineries in Santa Barbara, or if you just want to rent a bunch of party buses that can help transport your group to a bigger location, we are able to work with you to make your vision of the perfect corporate party come true.

Since each corporate event is bound to be different, we encourage customers who are trying to plan a corporate event of their own to call us and find out what we can offer them. Our prices are very reasonable, and our reputation for amazing service has earned us a place in the hearts of many. Go ahead – give us a call! We would love to answer all of your questions, and make your next company get-together one that you’ll never forget!

SB Wine Tours

SB Wine Tours