SB Wine Tours is a company that has had a lot of history in the Santa Barbara region, and also has earned a lot of respect from local vino aficionados because of our excellent tours. Believe it or not, SB Wine Tours is the original wine tour company focused on Santa Barbara, which means that you will get a wine tasting experience that has been honed to perfection from years of professional practice. 

When you choose a company to help you take a wine tour of Santa Barbara, it’s very important to choose a company that offers more than cheap party bus rentals, or a cab that offers Santa Barbara transportation. A good tour company will offer you a fully stocked bus that gives you the opportunity to try the wines you find at your leisure, an amazing itinerary featuring the top wineries in Santa Barbara, and a wealth of knowledge from talented staff members. We are a great tour company, which means that we offer a great party bus setup, an amazing itinerary, insider knowledge on the California wine scene, and much, much more!

At SB Wine Tours, we are proud to be the original wine tour company in Santa Barbara, and we’re also very proud of the fact that we take care to improve our wine tour programs. Our staff members are known for being passionate about California wines, and also being well-versed in great routes throughout the Santa Barbara region. Along with their excellent education on the subject of Santa Barbara vineyards and wineries, we make an effort to train all our staff members when it comes to etiquette. When you book a wine tour with SB Wine Tours, you can expect a high level of professionalism from our staff, great party buses that are ready to take you aboard, and an experience that is relaxing, elegant, and educational.

We are very proud to offer you the very best wine tours in Santa Barbara, and we are also proud to say that we are always looking to improve. SB Wine Tours promises to give you a memorable experience that no other wine tour company can offer. If you haven’t experienced the difference that comes with having a quality wine tour from SB Wine Tours, we know that you’re missing out. We invite you to experience the difference, and experience all the fun that comes with discovering some of California’s best wineries.

Come Experience the SB Wine Tours Difference.. You won’t regret it.

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